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Why is Play so Important?  And Why Use Celebrus?

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"...modern man is too tense, too concerned for results, too anxious..."

William James, Dean of American Psychologists,
in his essay "The Gospel of Relaxation", 1899!

  • The Business Challenge.  It seems the situation hasn't improved over the last 100 years.   In the age of information overload and constant changes in the business environment, employees are inundated by new information, stressed by the demands of intense corporate environments and dissatisfied with feeling that their contribution is unappreciated.  The cost to businesses in lost productivity, sick leave, healthcare expenditures, and employee turnover is growing exponentially.
  • Companies will be unable to provide sufficient training and develop new structures and processes fast enough to meet customer needs unless they develop a workforce that can tap into inner resources and find a way to enjoy what they do. Celebrus offers an approach that helps organizations tap into the resources of their existing employees.   Celebrus has developed a "road map" to help employees "recreate" the work that they do a way that stimulates a sense of enjoyment and inspires creativity in the work environment.  This new sense of "play" will be critical to the success of high technology organizations.

Most of us know what to do...
Many of us fail to do what we know.

  • Unique and Effective Approach. Success in business is a result of two key factors: 1. 20% skill/knowledge and 2. 80% psychology of achievement or personal belief systems. Gaining knowledge (training) is only as effective as an individual’s or team’s desire and capability in applying information effectively. Most people know what to do, but do not use what they know for many reasons, including fear, overwhelm, and stress. Individuals and teams gravitate toward doing the things they enjoy most and avoid the things that they like the least.  

Celebrus provides a unique and effective approach to helping high technology businesses because 

  1. Celebrus consultants and associates know the technology markets they serve;
  2. Celebrus consultants are results oriented because they have marketing and business development backgrounds, and
  3. Celebrus consultants are trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), one of the most powerful technologies in existence for tapping in to human resources.   Celebrus can provide executive coaching to help individuals and teams to find ways to redefine what they do into what they enjoy.

Business Challenge | Market Challenge | Unique Approach | Executive Coaching
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Wealth is the natural result
of providing value to others.

Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

  • The Market Challenge and a new perspective on customer values. Business success in terms of growth and profitability in the future will depend on businesses winning and keeping the best customers.
  • Celebrus goes far beyond the standard "customer satisfaction" assessment of a market by providing customer service and product teams a new perspective on how to develop programs that win and keep the "best" customers- those that can contribute the highest value in the future. Essential performance measurement metrics are developed and implemented to track the impact of training and new knowledge to the organization.
  • Partnership. Celebrus works on the principle that many of the best opportunities and ideas to meet customer needs exist within talented individuals in organizations. Our mission is to work with an organization to identify these opportunities and provide the planning, training, coaching, facilitation and/or the temporary resources required for successful program execution. The highest priority is given to delivering tangible, quantifiable results.
  • Building first class teams by coaching team members. In team development it is the belief systems and contribution of each individual on a team that ensures the success of an entire team. Celebrus focuses on the specific development needs of individuals by providing performance coaching to increase contribution and effectiveness in a way that maximizes their effectiveness in working with a team. The types of teams that can be facilitated are product teams to enhance the quality and rate of new product development and business development and strategic planning teams during plan development and execution. More on Team Programs.

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