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Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

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    Cay Villars
  • Business Development, Marketing, and Coaching. The principal consultant and performance coach at Celebrus (formerly Market Value Concepts) is Cay Villars. Ms Villars has over 20 years experience in domestic and international sales/marketing management, training, and business development roles within the life sciences research, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals industries.
  • Coaching and Teams.  She is a certified coach and licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, a coaching method that Science Digest has called "the most powerful vehicle for change in existence." She has over 9 years experience in using rapid transformational coaching and consulting techniques for individuals and teams that reduce stress while increasing contribution and job enjoyment.
  • Group Facilitation and Presentations. She is a professional facilitator for Standards of Professional Excellence, CEO round tables, CEO/Executive retreats (for the Edward Lowe Foundation for Entrepeneurs) and strategic planning sessions. She consults and presents dynamic and interactive programs to help organizations develop competencies in the areas of business success strategies, sales performance, marketing, leadership, emotional intelligence, managing conflict, coaching, and managing change.  List of Presentations and Breaking Through to the Next Level: Board Break experience. (board break video) She facilitates the SR HR manager’s roundtable for biotech and medical device manufacturers in Wisconsin.
  • Life Coaching and Professional Affiliations. Ms. Villars maintains a private life coaching practice for adults, at risk youth and children.   She presents seminars on life balance issues for women, including Voice of the Heart- Using the Wisdom of the Body to Create Peace of Mind. In addition to her executive coaching and private Life Coaching practice for adults, at risk youth and children, Ms. Villars volunteers as a personal development coach and trainer for inmates in the Wisconsin Prison System. She is on the board of the Women in Business Council for the University of Wisconsin Business School.

    Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

  • Knowledge and experience in successful project design and execution. She has executed numerous successful marketing and business development programs in leading marketing and executive management positions for respected industry leaders, including Amersham, Promega, and Becton Dickinson. In addition, she spent three years on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Biotechnology Association, serving as president in 1995.
  • Representative Consulting Assignments:  Executive coaching and team building, technology evaluation/valuation, technology transfer, license design and negotiation, developing business partnerships, strategic business and marketing planning and facilitation, conflict resolution, product team facilitation and management, product launch preparation and sales training, expert witness, interim sales team management, and sales training.

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  • Experience in Management and Teams. Ms Villars' marketing/business management activities have included long and short-term strategic business planning and implementation, sales and marketing strategy development and implementation, sales training, technology identification and acquisition, and contract negotiations for a variety of products, technologies and services within these industries. She has developed programs for and supervised Marketing Communications, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Service, Business Development, and Product Management.
  • Peak Performance and Business Success Coaching. In addition to extensive hands on experience in Marketing and Business development and NLP and Coaching Certifications, Ms. Villars has had in depth training in peak performance coaching, teambuilding, and teaching individuals to "program themselves for business success".. Many of the technologies she uses are based on modeling successful, happy individuals.  These methods are powerful because they can be learned and applied quickly to make significant life enhancing changes. I

| What is an Executive coach? | Why hire a coach?Why does coaching work? |
| What is NLP? | Coaching and Teams | Life Coaching | Testimonials | breakthrough experiences | Cay Villars |

Setting up a Program with Celebrus:

If you are interested in working with Celebrus Consulting please call us or send a brief outline of your interests to our internet address at Contact Us, celebrus@biotactics.com, fax, or via the mail - Celebrus Consulting Group, 6202 Rivercrest Dr, McFarland, WI 53558. Phone 608-838-6533, Fax: pls inquire. We will be happy to respond quickly to discuss a program tailored to your needs that will ensure a successful outcome. We work on hourly or retainer rates determined on a project by project basis.

Note:  If you are interested in individual performance coaching, our sessions have a money back guarantee. We feel you will be pleased and excited with your results so you will want to work with us! arrowlft.gif (890 bytes) Programs and Services

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