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What is an executive or leadership coach"?

      In many ways, an Executive, Leadership, and/or Life Coach is like a sports coach. He or she recognizes the special talents of individuals, specializes in the strategies and tactics required for success in a given activity, and imparts those skills and capabilities to others through teaching, training (repetitive conditioning), rapid learning methods such as NLP, and mentoring (providing encouragement, feedback and support). 

      We now know that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential in leadership and business success.   NLP provides a means for mastering EI.   An exciting additional benefit is that these fundamental skills and the associated knowledge can be applied to all areas of life. Executive Coaches address career related issues- e.g. goal setting and achievement, managing challenging situations at work, work relatioinship improvement, fear of public speaking, etc. Examples of issues an executive coach can help address.   Life Coaching is also available to address issues related to improving relationships, setting and meeting personal goals, and ending limiting habits and fears. (See Life Coaching for additional information).

Why work with a coach?

A coach is an objective party with special knowledge and skills who can understand your desires and needs while helping you to use your very best qualities and resources most effectively.

How many star athletes have made it to the top because someone (their coach) was able to help them find and refine their very best talents? Exceptional athletes know the power of coaching and use a coach to help them get to be the best they can be. In addition, the finest coaches have a good idea how the game is played to win. In this case a good life coach not only teaches but "walks the talk" and thus understands the key issues you face. How would it feel to have this kind of support in your work life?

Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

How do you pick a coach?  Click here for a handy set of questions you can use to evaluate if your coach is right for you.

A few examples of the kinds of questions/issues that can be addressed by
NLP coaching follow:

  • Conflict resolution.  Coaches can help unresourceful individuals who are not "getting along" to "see things differently". This helps individuals to see that there are many more options than they ever imagined for getting what they really want when they are in conflict with each other.

  • Manage your boss.   Bosses can be a challenge.  Learn effective ways of communicating with your boss and meeting his/her needs while meeting your own for more job satisfaction and amazing career growth!!

  • Develop outstanding communication. NLP skills are invaluable in communicating with fellow workers and customers. They are ideal for sales people, customer and technical services.  They are invaluable to marketing peopel for planning advertising and promotional programs.

  • Plan what is next in your career.  Coaching can help you determine what future direction has the best fit for where you want to go.

  • Find a job that you enjoy.   Get help defining a job that suits you, identifying the job, and negotiating the salary the meets your unique qualifications.

  • Do what you love and love what you do. Discover how you can become even more successful and enjoy the process.    Learn to use your current exercise program even more to increase your performance in a business environment.

  • Turn "stress" into a way to get what you desire most.  How can I turn the "stress" I feel to my advantage? How can I do all that I want and love the process?

  • Put an end self-limiting habits.  How can I quickly stop/change behaviors that limit my chances or the chances of my subordinates for advancement (e.g. getting angry or upset, interrupting other people, fear of speaking in public, fear of trying new things or taking on new challenges)? Other habits that can be changed through coaching include eating, smoking, and nailbiting.

  • Assist subordinates in achieving their goals. How can I help someone who really works hard and wants to contribute, but who has destructive behavioral patterns that drive people away?  How can I understand what my subordinates value so that I can lead them more effectively?

  • Use what you already know even more effectively.  How can I  leverage what I know to exceed my goals? What additional tools can I learn that will help my company bring more value to the marketplace?

Who is Cay Villars and how does coaching work?

Cay Villars is a professional coach with over 18 years of sales, marketing, management and business development experience. She is also a Certified Coach and Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Progarmming.  In addition to her management experience and working with people in business to achieve their professional dreams, she has devoted an extensive amount of time, financial resources, and energy studying the psychology of people who are consistently happy AND successful at whatever they do, whether it be personally or professionally. Clearly, what sets these individuals apart is how they process information and use their internal resources. Also, they are willing to take decisive action to get what they want. The exciting news is that anyone who desires it can train themselves to be consistently successful and happy, particularly when NLP technology is used.. Coaching can be short (one to three sessions) to achieve a short term goal, or over months, in order to achieve longer term goals.   Coaching can occur in person, email or on the phone. A typical "in person" session lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes.

Why are coaching skills so important for helping teams?

      Both "home life" and "Work life" are team sports.  Teams are groups of individuals who must access their best resources to achieve the best outcome together.   Celebrus programs are like ropes courses without the ropes- we use a custom designed set of games, improvisational theater and unique debriefing sessions so that all participants have the opportunity to contribute. Individuals and teams respond to challenges in games in much the same way as they participate in challenge in their work life.   Games provide a non-threatening vehicle to study behavioral patterns that may keep the team from reaching their potential.   Thus, Celebrus designed games provide a enjoyable method for teams to rapidly and objectively study the way they respond to challenges.  Those "responses" can then be modified through coaching as needed to increase their effectiveness when working together. 

     As individual challenges are identified, Celebrus coaches can work with the individuals on the team to help them bring their best skills and talents to the team..  Team programs at Celebrus Consulting.

Why does coaching work? What methods and technologies are used by Celebrus for coaching?  

     Many techniques are used, all of which are based on studies of the psychological profiles of happy, successful people. Do you ever feel that you run out of energy or "resources"?  All of us have moments in our lives when we perform below our expectations because we are "less resourceful" than other times- due to some strong emotion, like anger, or perhaps due to stress. Consistently successful people process information differently than stressed or "less than optimally resourceful" individuals. The good news is that resourceful information processing capability can be learned.  With practice, improved information processing becomes a new "habit" that increases the amount of time we remain happy, resourceful, and feeling that we are moving toward what we really want in life. Coaches can help us reproduce the resourceful states of happy, successful individuals by modeling them.    One of the most powerful methods of helping individuals create the changes they desire in their lives is NeuroLingquistic Programming.

       Advantages of the coaching and skill development methods used by Celebrus. The techniques:

  • Are easy to understand

  • Can be learned and implemented quickly

  • Have dramatic impact over a short time period

  • Provide an effective vehicle for getting more joy out of life and your career

  • Are results oriented

  • Are taught by a coaches who understand the specific challenges you face in marketing and business development in a technical environment

At Celebrus our commitment is to help our customers be more effective with the resources they have.  Three key areas we address are:

  • The Power of Questions: How to ask questions that build an enjoyable process and compelling outcome for participants and the organization.
  • Resourceful state management: Building belief systems and physical states that reduce stress and enhance enjoyment as well as contribution.
  • You are what you say: Essential vocabulary and belief structures required for first class communication.

Contact: Cay Villars

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