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Team Facilitation and Synergy Development

Celebrus provides highly interactive, engaging programs that facilitate business success by inspiring trust, creativity, dynamic synergy and rapid group learning.

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  • Dynamic Team Synergy™ Sessions- high value sessions for building rapid team energy and momentum. Can include a Board Break experience.  We specialize creating synergy in Executive, Sales, Marketing, R&D, Operations, Product Development, Technology Management, Medical/Healthcare management, cross departmental, international, and interdisciplinary teams and workgroups.
  • Standards of Professional Excellence.    One to two day facilitated program for establishing best practices for success of individuals and teams.  Ideal for senior executives, marketing, sales, and development teams that want to set a high standard of excellence and capture their best practices for delivering top results within their organization.
  • One day Executive Retreats-  designed for corporate leaders, CEO's and senior executives, this interactive session leaders creates a powerful environment for establishing core competencies, establishing mission, vision and values, and providing a foundation for moving forward with strategic plans.
  • Dynamic Corporate Synergy™ Sessions. Energizing and unifying sessions for facilitating corporate change such as mergers/acquisitions and restructuring. Ongoing enhancement of corporate unity during events such as company meetings and picnics.
  • Creative Dynamics Sessions™ : Creative Problem Solving and New Product Idea generation.
  • Marketing and Sales Team Integration/Synergy Sessions for integrating sales and marketing.
  • We not only energize teams, we offer expertise in helping them achieve specific results through meeting facilitation and coordination of plan implementation for Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning, Product Development and Technology Management programs.

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Training, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

  • Sales, Customer Service, Technical Service, and Product Management training.
  • Executive coaching, life coaching and coaching for employees with challenging behaviors using NLP. (more on coaching)
  • Sessions for team leaders in building synergy, planning meetings, improving communication.
  • Management Development training.
  • Training in corporate communication and trust building (e.g. telecommunication, email etiquette).

Consulting and Contract Resources

Celebrus can provide short and long term tactical resources for project implementation. Contract consulting and support capabilities include sales, sales management, product/marketing management, market research, and technology evaluation, marketing, and licensing.

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Celebrus.  Changing Work into Play is Serious Business™

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