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Our priority is to bring joy and a sense of satisfaction to individuals in their life work. We take pride in facilitating our customer's creative efforts to bring products of significant value to their customers. We strive to make the interactions with our organization enjoyable, educational, and wherever possible, fun.   We value:

  • Fair and Ethical Business practices: The consultants and coaches at Celebrus CG (as well as our chosen partners or advertisers) conduct business affairs in an ethical and professional manner with the intention to give the highest level of value and satisfaction to our customers. Our goal is to exceed their expectations. In fact, we want to have such a strong positive relationship with our customers that they will be proud and excited about personally calling a business collegue and recommending our services.

  • Objectivity: We endeavor to understand the values and desired outcomes of our clients.  We will custom design our programs and practices to meet their unique needs.
  • Integrity: Celebrus is committed to providing accurate representation of our skills and capabilities.  If we do not feel that we can honorably meet the needs of our clients we will assist them (at their request) in finding an organization with a better "fit" for the successful outcome of the project they are undertaking.

  • Dedication and Contribution: Celebrus will take ownership in the long term positive outcome of a project and its impact on the success of our clients.  That is, it is our commitment to contribute to developing sustainable competitive advantages for our clients.  Thus we will make every effort to follow up and to measure the impact of our programs.

  • Commitment and belief in what we teach.  We believe that the members of our organization should not just "act as trainers" but that we should "walk the talk".  We practice what we teach and believe in, particularly in terms of personal coaching and development.  We believe in the joy and challenge of constant improvement.  We continuously strive to learn new skills and best business practices worth employing in the management of our business as well as to share with our clients.

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  • The power and uniqueness of each individual: We recognize, as Maslow did, the unique needs of all humans which drive human behavior: love, self-esteem, belonging, self-expression and creativity. These unique qualities enable individuals to make independent choices and give them full control of their destiny.  We also believe that humans are given everything (unlimited resources) they need to be successful and happy, if they can find constructive ways of meeting their needs.  We look forward to facilitating the journey of our clients in learning to tap their resources.  By understanding and meeting their own needs and values, they will be better able to understand and meet the values and needs of their customers.

  • Reliability: Delivery dates or service commencement dates will be carefully planned in full consultation and agreement to the needs of the client and the ability of Celebrus. Every effort will be invested to meet the commitment dates. In cases where circumstances prevent the meeting a deadline or meeting the deadline would jeopardize the integrity of a project, customers will be given maximum notice and every alternative means for fulfillment will be undertaken.

We look forward to working with you.

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