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What is Celebrus Consulting Group?

Celebrus Consulting Group (CCG, formerly Market Value Concepts) specializes in providing a unique combination of:

for companies wishing to develop leadership positions serving customers in High technology and Biotechnology related markets.

Celebrus is the primary sponsor of the BioTactics Reference Web for marketing and business development professionals in Biotechnology related fields.

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Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

Who are the Principals at Celebrus?

The consultants at Celebrus have both organizational development and hands on executive management experience, with emphasis in marketing and business development. Our experience is in serving customers in high technology markets, including healthcare, diagnostics, research products, biotech and pharmaceuticals. Celebrus uses world class one-on-one and group coaching techniques, making the consulting, training and facilitation sessions unique because participants are dynamically involved in the program.

The power lies in Celebrus’ ability to help individuals and groups discover unifying forces that create focus, build synergy, and generate excitement, thus providing the momentum required for achieving their outcome. Our programs are not only fun - they are results oriented because we understand the markets our clients wish to serve.

What are the key Principles that make Celebrus successful?

Celebrus consultants are committed to exemplifying the high standards we promote in our programs. Our hallmarks are trust, integrity, personal accountability and responsibility. See our code of professional standards.

Our outcome is to make the discovery and application of new ideas for improving results within an organization an enjoyable experience. Our programs are like ropes courses without the ropes- we use a custom designed set of games, improvisational theater and unique debriefing sessions so that all participants have the opportunity to contribute.  Further, Celebrus designed games provide a enjoyable vehicle for teams to rapidly study and refine the way they work together.  Celebrus offers an extensive variety of programs which may be held indoors, outdoors or a combination of both.  Converting what seems like "work" into play is a critical ingredient in the secret of our success. The result is a creative atmosphere that helps high technology companies develop and implement the programs they need to serve both internal and external customers well.   More on Coaching.

At Celebrus our belief is that
Changing Work into Play is Serious Business

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Celebrus.  Changing Work into Play is Serious Business™

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