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Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

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“There are a lot of good coaches out there (some incompetent as well), what sets you apart from the rest is that you bring credibility & experience. You are so focused to achieve the mutual outcome. Everybody can claim that they can coach and help, the question is how good is the message and how well does it apply? Your unique approach to helping individuals and the ability to diagnose the situation is amazing. Interestingly enough your concept is not limited to our industry. You have powerful tools and concepts decorated with your personal touch and a strong philosophy about human behavior. I would be happy to talk to anyone about the value of my experience working with you.” National Sales Manager, Bio-Chemical Company, California

“I am committed to excellence in teaching, at the college level. Although I do well in small classes, student evaluations have long suggested that my style and teaching skills for large classes need work. After taking on a large introductory course two years ago, and getting low evaluation scores, I decided to seek assistance. I asked around and was referred to Cay Villars. She agreed to see me -- we talked for an hour or so about communication strategies for large courses, and we did some NLP. I immediately put the new approach into practice, and at the end of the semester received stellar reviews! Cay has a lot of valuable experience, a number of practical techniques at her fingertips, and a unique and powerful energy. Cay's assistance allowed me to transform my teaching.” University Professor (Science)

“The day I came to Cay I was in state of confusion and frustration. I felt like I couldn’t function in work. In a word, I was stuck. Cay helped me restore my sense of personal power. Through her coaching I realized I could access the best of my past -- those aspects of my personality that were positive and good -- my intuition, confidence, creativity, and determination to achieve what I wanted, which is to apply my talents toward doing good in the world. I realized I wasn’t washed up in my career. Now I am involved in applying my professional talents toward a big international fundraising project. I’ve joined an international service organization and look forward to seeing how wide a net I can spread. I’m mentoring some university students. My business phone keeps ringing. Cay has made incredible impact on my life through her work.”          Writer and Advertising Consultant

“Cay Villars did a quick and wonderful job in preparing me for a confrontational meeting with my professional staff. In a very short time, she was able to assess my situation, provide valuable insights, and coach me through the process of anchoring in empowering states that I was able to draw upon the next day to transform a tense situation into a positive, productive meeting. Her experience and knowledge of business brings extra power to her coaching. I can highly recommend Cay’s fast track, results-oriented approach to executive coaching.”                                       Communications Manager, Wisconsin Power Company

Cay coached an owner of a Chiropractic Clinic for 40 minutes as an “example” in front of a live audience at a seminar that she gave on motivation. The following is paraphrased from a follow up discussion on the effectiveness of the coaching session. I wanted to become more motivated at work, so I volunteered to be coached. During the session I realized that I could get more “motivated” at work if I focused on what I really loved-- working with my patients, rather than constantly trying to please the few individuals who were causing trouble because they were unhappy at work. I was very relieved by this realization. After the session I felt a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I have made a number of positive changes since working with Cay which have helped my practice. One of the most important changes is that I had the courage to fire an employee who was acting in destructive ways in our group. Now I work to hire people who are more positive about work and life in general. I feel that I am in control of my practice. I consider Cay my coach and call her on an ongoing basis for assistance with working through challenges.

"Cay has become instrumental in my struggle with grief and the departure of my Mom. The emotional tie that I had with my Mom has made it quite difficult to journey through this grief. It was hard for me to get out with my friends and I struggled with motivation to even go to my place of employment. I felt like part of my body was taken from me. My Mom is gone off this earth. How am I suppose to cope with the departure of my best friend. I believe that my Christian faith has provided a strong foundation, and that God has used Cay with her unique techniques to assist me in regaining my focus. Although this emotional dance I do with grief can be quite painful, the guided techniques that Cay provides has help me to feel my Mom's presence in my daily life. I can't see, feel, audibly hear, smell or touch my Mom, but Cay's reaffirming journey, has caused me to call my Mom's memory into everyday existence and this has provided a palatable sweetness to my day.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone going through grief as Cay's gentle voice and beautiful spirit caused a positive encouraging release that I felt throughout my physical body. My friend had recommended Cay to me as her Mom had departed and thought I would benefit from Cay's techniques. I was a little apprehensive to the techniques until I started to feel the changes going on in my body as she spoke and requested responses from me. She affirmed to me that the mind truly does control how we feel. I learned that I could do these techniques and journey from time to time to the ultimate place of love, joy and most of all PEACE. The softness of my Mom is ever present.                                                          Jeannie Allen, San Diego County, CA

Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

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