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Applications of NLP in Pain Management

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Fear of Heights

My family loves outdoor adventures, particularly in the mountains. I would do my best to accompany my son and my husband on hikes. Unfortunately, whenever we could come to a bridge over a ravine or walk near a drop off I would feel very uncomfortable, panicked, and dizzy. I would make myself go, but I could not enjoy these trips because of this overwhelming fear of edges and yet it was so important to me and my family to escape into the backcountry. I worked with Cay for about an hour. The results were immediate. For the first time in memory, I walked down flights of wide stairs without holding onto the handrails. The fear had dissipated and was replaced by a rational respect for edges. The next summer, we took a trip to Colorado and did several mountain hikes, including summiting a 14,000-foot mountain. I had no vertigo problems. It has meant a great deal to walk confidently near edges, both in my daily life and when backpacking or hiking.
DL, Wisconsin

(CV Note: This technique is widely applicable to any fear, including fear of public speaking)

Abdominal and Back Spasms, Improved Self Confidence
"When I first met Cay I felt like I had no place left to turn. For the last three years after an injury to my back, I had tried everything I could think of to relieve my stomach pain and extremely intense back spasms that shocked my nervous system. The spasms were so bad that I would lean over the kitchen table at breakfast and just sob. I could barely eat without feeling really sick (I was down to eating just rice.) The medical profession couldn't offer me anything more but to go home and live with it. I worked with Cay for about two hours with energy work (Quantum Touch) and NLP. I was truly amazed at my results, Cay is great to work with and the process is so easy and pain free!!! No drugs, no injections, no side effects. It is unreal, I was not someone who believed in any alternative methods like this. I can't believe that the way I feel is totally different from before... after we worked for a while I could feel wonderful energy starting to flow in my abdomen. I realized that it was also related to a hurt I felt with my mother. We worked on that, too. It was a big relief. The spasms have eased up and I feel so much lighter and happier inside, like a black cloud had lifted. I am back to eating again, even steak!! I continue to feel better and better. When I spoke to my mother a couple of weeks later, the hurt inside was gone and I couldn't go back to find it. Over time I realized that something else really important had changed as well. In the past I didn't handle some situations very well (like losing things). I used to panic, feel overwhelmed and get emotionally upset. Now I am much more able to handle things that come my way and take on all kinds of new challenges that I never would have taken on before. I have so much more joy and self-confidence in my life. There has been a big relief in the pain I'd been feeling and this has had a very powerful impact on my life!!!! I would highly recommend Cay!!! Cay, you are very much appreciated and a great big "Thank you" for making my life so much better. This is pretty amazing stuff.... CL Oregon, WI

"I was having monthly migraines and had just started taking Imitrex May 2004. One day I had a level 8 migraine (on a scale of 1-10) and not yet taken my medication. Cay offered to place her hands were it hurt (Quantum touch energy work) and did so for about 10-15 minutes. Almost immediately the pain went to a level 2 and was gone after 30 min. After that I did not have a migraine or headache for over 6-8 weeks. I have headaches about once per month, but they are not as bad. I have not taken Imitrex since.                                                           TJ, Madison WI

Broken Jaw Pain Relief, Fear of not being able to breathe/panic
"In September 2002 I fell off my bike and suffered a broken jaw (triple mandibular fracture) which had to be wired shut. I was home for about 10 days and experiencing a lot of pain in my jaw and teeth, for which I was taking prescription painkillers. I spoke to Cay about helping me relax so that I would not panic when my jaw was held with the wires (At times the constriction of my jaw made me concerned that I would suffocate since I could not open my mouth to breathe. It felt very confining as I could only take liquid food through a straw between my teeth.). She came and worked with me using energy work (Reiki) and NLP and in addition helping me to be calm with the wired jaw, she also helped me to reduce the pain to the point that I literally did not even take ibuprofen after she left. Prior to that I was taking codeine
!"                                     DL, Wisconsin


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