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Vol. 1, Issue 2
June 1998 

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Volume 1

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Competitive Intellegence: Resources on the Web, Sharon Locken, President, Locken Information.

More Sales and Profits from Existing Customers.
Cay Villars, President, Market Value Concepts.

Importance of Brand: Research Products. Bill Kelly, President, BioInformatics.

Consolidation: New Marketing Strategies in Research Products.  An interview with Bruce Lehman, President, Lehman Millet, Inc.

BioTactics Parners program - how it benefits your business.

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Issue Overview and additional references.

Biotech in China and Taiwan by William T. H. Chang, President, China League Biotechnology Association

Best International Business links on the Web, Cay Villars, President, Market Value Concepts

Technology Transfer Opportunies in Russia, Tom Ruddy, President, Trykor.

Protect Your Corporate IP Position, by Charles S. Sara, Practice Group Chair, DeWitt, Ross & Stevens.

US Govt. Resources for Intl. Bus. on the Net, Sharon Locken, President, Locken Information.


Issue 9

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March 1999


Competitive Intelligence in Biotech:   Rebecca Kuprowicz, Business Success Strategists.

Leveraging the Power of Direct Mail. Carolyn Stock, KarmaCom

Five star site review: Recap Signals, Sharon Locken, President, Locken Information.

What Ever Happened to Creativity?, Van Nutt, Partner, ImprovAbility

BioTactics Partners program - how it benefits your business.

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