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June 1998 

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border.gif (871 bytes) Market Intelligence: "Off the Shelf" Reports via the Internet
by Sharon Locken, President, Locken Information.
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t.gif (892 bytes)here are numerous Marketing research companies that provide "off the shelf" market research reports and perform custom market research for the Biotech industry. A growing number are providing information about their products and services on the web. We would like to develop a handy web reference guide for Biotech Market Research Reports/Services at the BioTactics Reference Web.

i.gif (878 bytes)ncluded with this article is a comparison chart of selected market research report sites available on the Internet. We would be happy to 1. Continue to update this chart to include your suggestions, 2. Provide a summary of your comments on various vendors and the quality of their studies, and 3. Provide a future article on what you should expect to get from a good market research report. If you have comments to provide, please send them to and we will post them anonymously (unless you request otherwise).

NoteThe table is in tiny print (8 pt.) and you will need > 3.0 Netscape or Internet Explorer to read it properly.  We thought the information was of sufficient value for us to attempt to provide it on the net. If you have email and can accept word documents, we'll be glad to email you a hard copy.  Let us know what version of MS Word you're using.

s.gif (909 bytes)ome may argue that "off the shelf" market reports have limited or no valuable.    There is no doubt that the quality of these reports varies considerably, not only between vendors, but between different reports.  As a specific case, we know of an example from a leading market research company were their market research reports produced the same calendar year sited different world wide, European and US market numbers.  The first report was for the European market and the second was produced for the US Market!  It is definitely a case of "buyer beware". 

t.gif (892 bytes)here are times, however, when off the shelf reports can give you a quick overview of a market, confirm what you already know, and give you a starting place for collecting data on any new market.  In almost all cases we would recommend confirming data on a critical market issues by primary market research.  And by all means give your feedback to the market research companies so that they will continue to raise their standards.

The reports included in the current table cover a variety of market research data including products & services, market statistics, market share, growth estimates, company and industry profiles.

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