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m2.gif (955 bytes)aking the right decisions for your fast paced business requires timely and accurate information. The key challenge is knowing and quickly accessing the right sources while investing the time to organize the information so it has maximum impact on your business success.

Locken Information specializes in efficiently locating and compiling critical material for business planning and development:

    Business/Competitive Intelligence

  • Create competitor profiles
  • Identify the latest market trends
  • Survey investment analysis reports
  • Determine market share
  • Summarize background information
  • Assist in strategic partner identification

    Scientific/Regulatory/Intellectual Property

  • Monitor government regulations
  • Track industry activities
  • Investigate intellectual property rights
  • Locate methods and procedures
  • Review the technical literature

    Additional Services

  • Conduct discreet third party inquiries
  • Prepare company information audits
  • Distribute customized news alerts
  • Monitor specific areas of interest for related new patents, press releases, journal and newspaper articles

i.gif (875 bytes)ntelligence information is assembled and organized from a variety of sources to meet your specific needs - ranging from online databases, print materials, and the Internet to telephone interviews with industry experts and government agencies. Reports are custom designed for the individual client: they may be simple, one page summaries provided on a weekly basis or multi-page texts with analysis.

t.gif (895 bytes)he principal consultant at Locken Information is Sharon Locken. Ms. Locken has over 18 years experience in information retrieval and research. Prior to starting Locken Information in 1989, she managed information centers for biotechnology and testing laboratories. Ms Locken is a contributing author for the BioTactics in Action Newsletter-

"Competitive Intellegence on the Internet"

"Market Research on the Internet"

"Networking via the Internet"

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432 North Few Street
Madison WI 53703-1737

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