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BioTactics is pleased to present our partners and sponsors:

Market Value Concepts, biotech consulting
Market Value Concepts

Locken Information
Locken Information

Lehman Millet, Inc.

Lehman Millet, Inc.


Partners and Sponsors contribute financial resources to support programs at the BioTactics Reference Web, such as the BioTactics in Action newlsetter, a complimentary monthly newsletter for marketing and business development. The BioTactics program is unique in that Sponsors and Partners must also meet specific qualifications to be included at the site.  They must:

  • Contribute to the high value content at the site.

  • Maintain high quality standards in their products and services to customers and share most of the standards in the MVC Code of Ethics.

We ask that you, our visitors, support these companies who have made a commitment to offering you the best to ensure your success in your business and marketing efforts.

If you would like to become a partner/sponsor, BioTactics offers the following unique opportunities to reach and build relationships with new customers:

  • Announcements in our monthly newsletter (New in May 1998).

  • Visibility for your unique knowledge, capabilities and services through article placement in our newsletter.

  • A special web page on the Biotactics reference site highlighting the value you bring to the market.

  • Links inside the web site to your high value added pages and to your web site.

  • Special email service from the BioTactics site.

Please contact us at if you would like to become a sponsor or partner.

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