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A few examples of the kinds of questions/issues that can be addressed by coaching follow:

  • Become a peak contributor and a leader with impact. How can I program myself for success and enjoy the process? How can I help others reach their goals and desires more effectively?  How can I use my current exercise program to enhance my performance in a business environment?

  • Turn "stress" into a way to get what you desire most.  How can I turn the "stress" I feel to my advantage? How can I do a great job and love the process?

  • Put an end self-limiting habits.  How can I quickly stop/change behaviors that limit my chances or the chances of my subordinates for advancement (e.g. getting angry or upset, interrupting other people, fear of trying new things)?

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  • Plan what is next in your career.   What future direction has the best fit for where I want to go?  How can I negotiate for the best salary and benefits?

  • Assist subordinates in achieving their goals. How can I help someone who really works hard and wants to contribute, but who has destructive behavioral patterns that drive people away?  How can I understand what my subordinates value so that I can lead them more effectively?

  • Use what you already know even more effectively.  How can I  leverage what I know to excede my goals? What additional tools can I learn that will help my company bring more value to the marketplace?

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What methods and technologies are used by MVC for coaching?   What is "success conditioning"?

     Many techniques are used, all of which are based on studies of the psychological profiles of happy, successful people. Do you ever feel that you run out of energy or "resources"?  All of us have moments in our lives when we perform below our expectations because we are "less resourceful" than other times- due to some strong emotion, like anger, or perhaps due to stress. Consistently successful people process information differently than stressed or "less than optimally resourceful" individuals. The good news is that resourceful information processing capability can be learned.  With practice, improved information processing becomes a new "habit" that increases the amount of time we remain happy, resourceful, and feeling that we are moving toward what we really want in life.   The practice of building these new resourceful "habits" is success conditioning.

     One highly effective method used to help individuals quickly adopt resourceful thinking patterns is Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP). NLP was pioneered by Bandler and Grinder in the 1970's and 80's, and uses auditory, linguistic and physical training cues to quickly condition an individual so that they rapidly adopt new empowering behavior patterns.  These behavior patterns allow individuals to remain resourceful even in highly stressful situations.  NLP techniques have been particularly successful in addressing phobias (e.g. fear of heights, fear of small places) and habits (e.g. smoking, drinking, and drug abuse) as well as for "success" conditioning. They are used in the US prison system to treat drug abuse and have been used successfully by the US Army to cut training times in half.  For more information, visit the suggested reading section.


Science Digest describes Neuro Linquistic Programming as "the most powerful vehicle for change in existence."

Advantages of the coaching and skill development methods used by MVC. The techniques:

  • Are easy to understand

  • Can be learned and implemented quickly

  • Have dramatic impact over a short time period

  • Provide an effective vehicle for getting more joy out of life and your career

  • Are results oriented

  • Are taught by a coach who understands the specific challenges you face in marketing and business development

Principal consultant and coach

Setting up a Program with MVC

Recommended reading resources for personal development

Personal Development Tips and Techniques

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