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Strategic Business, Marketing Planning and Development Programs:

  • Where's the market headed? MVC long and short term market profiling and trend analysis. StratMap: Strategic planning facilitation
  • What's our basis for strategic sustained competitive advantage?  MVC PlatForming:  Facilitation in core competency assessment and development.
  • How do we get financial support for our business dream?  MVC financial planning, grant writing, capital acquisition assistance.
  • Will we be profitable? What are our customers willing to pay for?  MVC customer needs and values segmentation and analysis.
  • How can we do even better with the talent we've got? MVC "success conditioning", MVC Market/Problem solving and product innovation brainstorming facilitation

| Personal & Team Skills | Market/Bus Planning | Tactical Marketing | Customer Values |

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Tactical Marketing.

  • How can we win on the Web? MVC web site analysis, design and promotion- assistance from the same talent that developed the BioTactics site can help you build a "power web" presence for your marketing program.
  • How can quickly we find out what your customers are thinking?  Online Market Research via the Internet. MVC ValuePoint Customer surveys and Focus groups.
  • How can we increase our sales effectiveness and profitability? MVC Marketing/Sales plan facilitation/development -- sales training/ sales force "success conditioning"
  • How do we reach the right customers? MVC Customer Database design, mail list development and direct mail programs.  MVM (Market Value Management) Customer management programs for winning and keeping the best customers.
  • How can we increase the rate at which we bring successful products to market?  HitRate - facilitating the development of product specifications and the speed of product development with multi-disciplinary product teams.

How can we to get more profit and better products and services? Customer Values Training.

  • How can we leverage the collective power of all of our employees in "market sensing" and delivering value to customers? Service/BrainTap- Using the collective knowledge of your organization to meet market needs and improve effectiveness in serving customers.
  • How do we align our  internal organization to meet market needs? MVM management facilitation in meeting markets by design.

This training is ideal for maximizing effectiveness of Sales and Product Development Teams as well as Technical and Customer Service page

At MVC our commitment is to help our customers be more effective with the resources they have.  Our consulting, training and development programs all leverage the power of "success conditioning" to help our clients achieve the outcome they desire.   Three key areas we address are:

  • The Power of Questions: How to ask questions that build an enjoyable process and compelling outcome for participants and the organization.
  • Resourceful state management: Building belief systems and physical states that reduce stress and enhance performance.
  • You are what you say: Essential vocabulary and belief structures required for first class communication.

Setting up a Program with MVC

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