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Best Biotech Related Business Sites

Description and/or QuickLinks
5star.gif (1142 bytes)Probably one of the best and most comprehensive sites with news, industry commentary, and searchable databases- companies, clinical trials, alliances, valuation graphs (available for over 470 biotech companies).  SEC filings. Tons of valuable information can be downloaded most for free with more detailed information for a fee. Well organized, with easy to find information. Loads quickly.   Definately our favorite Biotech business reference site.
Biofind 4star.gif (1087 bytes) Biofind is the home of the famous "Biotech Rumor Mill"- the online discussion group of industry news and views.  You can subscribe to monthly updates. Other intersting areas include a technology database where you can register or find a technology, Job Postings, a searchable database of industry events,
SciWeb 4star.gif (1087 bytes)Online magazine of biotech industry analysis. Good biotech company-specific information here: valuation graphs, alliances, clinical trials, recent SEC filings, analyst reports, contacts, stock quotes and web site links. Go to a view listing all the companies, or do a search of the company database.
ISB 4star.gif (1087 bytes)Extemely well constructed site with outstanding resources and links for Ag biotech.  Information Systems for Biotechnology (ISB) provides information resources to support the environmentally responsible use of ag. biotech. References, links, and searchable databases pertaining to the development, testing and regulatory review of genetically modified plants, animals and microorganisms (U.S.).
BioSpace 3star.gif (1003 bytes) Listed in top 5% of the internet by Lycos, the site provides a description capsules on over 300 companies. Also: Biotech news, lists of Biotech newsletters, career information, calendar of events, biotech industry related information.  An interestin twist is that Information on the site is sorted by region. For instance, the DC area is called "BioCapitol".  You can see a bird's eye view of the biotech companies in the area and "click" on a company to get a profile.  See sample: BioWhittaker.
BIO 3star.gif (1003 bytes)Biotechnology Industry Organization. Connect to other companies and Biotech orgs. on the net. The online editor's guide to biotechnology is an excellent reference for basic biotech industry info.   See also lists of Biotech associations; Biotech Associations; Biotech publications; Job postings (members only). Searchable database of 30,000 industry tradeshows.
Bio Online 3star.gif (1003 bytes)Handy list of Biotech related links grouped by topic. Profiles biotech companies. Sponsored by KPMG.
BioNetwork Business Solutions for Biotechnology". Site under development. Database of 26,000 products from 3000 companies. Nice site, but cookie intensive.
EMBnet The European Molecular Biology Network - network for the European molecular biology and biotechnology research community.
SciQuest Extensive database of over 10,000 life sciences suppliers and their products. Search by product description..
Informagen Provides information for strategic aliances.  Site has nice searchable database of companies, gives background and some history information on company.
BioSupplyNet Site for finding biomedical research products/supplies.

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