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The next "Breakthrough to the Next Level" board break is at the Madison Business Women's Expo - Feb15, 2007!

What is a board break?

Women face many barriers that can stop them from getting what they want in their professional as well as their personal lives. Often what stops us are the beliefs that we hold about what is possible that may limit what we are capable of accomplishing. In addition we may lack the key strategies necessary to achieve the success we desire. In a well designed and empowering board break experience the board is used as a metaphor for barriers in life. When we tap into our full potential, learn key strategies, and adapt new beliefs about what we are capable of accomplishing we can dramatically improve our results and “break through” to what we want to achieve. What we thought might be difficult (breaking through a one-inch pine board martial arts style, which typically takes 11 months of training to accomplish) becomes easy and can happen in two hours or less. In the fast paced, high demand world of balancing our business and professional lives, women need tools that that help us more quickly and easily achieve what we desire. The powerful tools and skills from a board break will provide an invaluable reference that woman can use to accomplish even more of what we want while remaining empowered and energized.

"The board break was more than worth my time and investment and beyond what I expected. Cay was very passionate, motivating and good at explaining what hurdles we create and how to overcome them. She truly cares about wanting people to reach their full potential and she has the tools to teach people how to do this. I learned more about myself and the motivational force of people in 2 hours than I have in years. The two most valuable things I gained from this session were that it is only in our minds that things are barriers to what we want to do and accomplish. And if we are positive, we can do just about anything."

Virginia Diebel, President, Trac Microbiology

"I have wanted to send you a note since Sunday but I have not found the words to explain what the event meant to me. I am still flying. The best two hours I spent all year! You have an amazing gift and I am so very very thankful that you have shared your gifts with me. I am much better for it! For anyone considering attending a board break I would say “Run…don’t walk! Cay was invested in my success. She made me believe I could do it…and as an extension I could do anything.”

Norene Mostkoff, VP Business Development, HospiceCare Inc

"The program was more than I expected. Cay amazes me with her abilities and willingness to give to others. I learned that I can persist, despite set backs, and succeed. I can do more than seems possible. This was an empowering moment! I found myself focused on “can do” in a wack of a board. Anyone is “stuck” and having trouble moving forward should attend this program!"

K.L. President Food Products Software Company

"I took my broken board with me that next day when I left to be with my sister and my mother in Michigan, where my sister was in the hospital. The messages I had written on the board and my experience with you the day before I left for MI helped sustain my courage during the difficult two days before my sister passed away"

C.V. Principal Financial Consulting Group

Principal Coach: Cay Villars.    Professional Background

Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

What is an executive or leadership coach"?

      In many ways, an Executive, Leadership, and/or Life Coach is like a sports coach. He or she recognizes the special talents of individuals, specializes in the strategies and tactics required for success in a given activity, and imparts those skills and capabilities to others through teaching, training (repetitive conditioning), rapid learning methods such as NLP, and mentoring (providing encouragement, feedback and support). 

      We now know that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential in leadership and business success.   NLP provides a means for quickly mastering EI skills.   An exciting additional benefit is that these fundamental skills and the associated knowledge can be applied to all areas of life. Executive Coaches address career related issues- e.g. goal setting and achievement, managing challenging situations at work, work relatioinship improvement, fear of public speaking, etc. Examples of issues an executive coach can help address.   Life Coaching is also available to address issues related to improving relationships, setting and meeting personal goals, and ending limiting habits and fears. (See Life Coaching for additional information).

Why work with a coach?

Contact: Cay Villars

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