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Meeting/Event Planning page
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Contains annual calendar (ActiveX) and real-time JavaScript clocks for cities around the world. See note below* (Note: ActiveX can only be read by Internet Explorer 3.0+ and Netscape with ActiveX plugins. Make sure ActiveX is enabled. If page does not load, hit back key  and then click here: Javaclock and Javacalendar).   Tips on Browsers.
Meeting/Event Planning page
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Contains clocks and references for times in cities around the world. References the Clock at the US Naval Observatory- Netscape is notoriously slow at loading these clocks. This page may take at least 1 minute to load.. Tips on Browsers.
Worldwide Holidays-by country.  US and Canadian Holiday list.
Biotech and Biomedical Events Lists BioFind's Searchable database of biotech events; BioLine's list of upcoming meetings, sorted by month; Biotech Meetings; Bionetwork- (calendar in progress); Meetings in Bioscience and Medicine; The WWW Virtual Library- Biological Sciences technology Conferences
U.S. Biotechnology Centers; Biotechnology Industry Organization; BIO's links to industry orgs.; Virtual Library list of Biology related Orgs.; Medical Associations; BioLinks- societies; Marketing Associations; Licensing Executives Society- LES- US & CanadaLES-Europe, LES-GB & Ireland, LES International.

Time Management

Order a new Day-Timer; OPA Life Management planner (Outcome, Purpose, Action) 4star.gif (1087 bytes), Franklin (& Covey) Day Planner.

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