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Search Online Databases- Subscription based ($$)
Database Description/Quick Links List
Subscription Based Note: Occasionally parts of these databases are available at no charge.
KR ScienceBase - 5star.gif (1142 bytes)- $$ extensive database search for info on products, competitors and technical information.
Biz@dvantage ($) Comprehensive source of brandname information, financial & credit data from Dun & Bradstreet, private and public company profiles, international patent and trademark data, industry newsletters. Extensive. You pay only for the records you find. A few D&B searches available at no chg.
Subscription service of STAT-USA, U.S. Department of Commerce. One of most widely used trade sites.  Includes:

National Trade Data Bank -US. Govt's most comprehensive source of international trade data and export promotion information. Types of information on the NTDB include: International Market Research, Export Opportunities; Indices of foreign and domestic companies; how-to market guides; Reports on demographic, political, and socio-economic conditions for hundreds of countries; etc.

Global Trade Outlook- Brief economic outlook summaries with charts and tables can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format. Available to Non-subscribers. Nice Job.

Query samples of Information Available
National Trade Data Bank. The documents pertain to the Asia Pacific Region. In total the NTDB contains over 300,000 documents, this sample database contains just over 32,000 documents, or 10% of what is available to subscribers.

UnCover database of table of contents (TOC) of 17,000 journals.  You can search the database for free.  Or pay to have the TOC of any journal emailed to you regularly
Public Info
Knox database of public information. For instance, check out Legal judgements against a company.
LEXIS-NEXIS Market Quick&Easy Allows you to: build a prospecting list by city, sales volume and state, find out who has the largest market share, explore overseas opportunities, review country profiles before traveling abroad.

| Planning | Industry | Market Research | Reference | Databases | Strategy/Tactics |
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