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References and Links for Investing on the Web
Worldwide Web International- excellent list of links. List of books on  investing.  Morningstar. Motly Fool 5star.gif (1142 bytes)
News Whole market (Yahoo); Major Headings; Detailed daily news; Split Calendar; Upgrades/Downgrades (Yahoo); Corp Earnings Due this Week; Earnings Surprises (zacks); Biggest % Movers.  See also BioTactics News Page.
Quotes Stock Quotes; Option Chains; Thomson Real-Time Quotes;; CBOT; Chicago Merchantile Exchange (registration required),
Charts Stock Charts- Intra day to Monthy with indicators; Options charts ; Chart of intraday Dow. Commodity Futures; etrade charts (members only)
Fundamentals General company description; Good quick overall snapshot; general company research; list of sites with earnings and fundamentals; last 5 yrs and 5 quarters of EPS;
Stock Selector; Screening for 17 fundamentals: e.g. PE, % change in EPS; 5 yr growth rate.  Morningstar Stock Screen
Broker Recommendations. Click "research"
Analysis of Industry Rankings; List of Industries and companies in each industry; analysis of sector rankings (PE, EPS quarter vs. year ago and other sector data).
Stock Sites
Reuter's Medical news; Biotech Stock Chat Rooms: Silicon Investor  - Biotech Stocks, Medical Stocks
The Ultimate1998 Guide to Mutual Funds- Money magazine has developed this site available as its latest online guide to mutual funds. Fund Finder allows users to search through a database of 7,500 stock and bond funds to find the best match for their portfolio based on objective, performance, expenses, holdings and risk.  See also Morningstar's Mutual fund selector. (6500 funds, advance screens are subscription based). FundAlert - tracks changes in funds, like performance and management.


Specialized subject directory for finance-related sites. Unfortunately, users must register and then bookmark a specific page created for them in order not to have to register again. Registered users have searchable and browsable access to hundreds of finance-related sites in eight major subject areas including capital markets, commercial banking, investment banking, and risk management. Users can conduct a detailed search by any of five variables including type of organization, language, and level of free access. The site is particularly powerful in its ability to precisely sum up the content of its links.

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