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What's next in my career, and how do I get there? Coaching, Reading, Training/Education, Celebrus Consulting

Thank you for visiting the Biotactics Web.   We regret that we are no longer posting specific career positions.    We provided this service in the past to our clients and selected recruiters as a service.    We are still happy to connect with you if you are looking for a career in technology/life sciences marketing, sales, or business development for the following reasons:

1. When our clients are looking for quality people we can connect them to you. They are always thankful when we add a great person to their team.

2. In some cases we may have marketing/sales/business development consulting agreements where we can tap into your expertise.

3.  We believe networking is a great thing and enjoy staying in touch with others in our profession.

4.  We provide energizing coaching and team programs for those who want to:

  • Land with both feet and have maximum impact off the bat in a new position.
  • Need or want to revitalize their professional and/or personal life and are looking for support to make that happen.
  • Want our assistance negotiating salary and benefits for a new position.
  • Find unique programs that revitalize their executive teams, sales, marketing, and R&D departments.  We have novel retreats and facilitated events to bring out the very best in your teams.

5.  We want to support you in the future, by helping you to develop the best sales, marketing, business development teams... to keep them energized, on focus, and being the best in their industry.  

Executive & Life CoachingTeam Challenges - Boark Break Experience, Self Confidence, Fear, Pain Relief

We wish you the best in your job search.  We feel everyone deserves to do what they love and love what they do!  We would be thrilled to support you in any way that we can.


What's next in my career, and how do I get there? Coaching, Reading, Training/Education, Celebrus Consulting

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Contact: Cay Villars, Celebrus.  Phone: 608-838-6533: (ok to send attached Word documents, PDF Format is preferred).

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