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Biotech- Legal Resources*:



Yahoo search results: Intellectual Property; Information you can print and distribute to educate people within your organization on IP.  Intellectual Property Checklists. Biz@dvantage- ($) international and domestic patent, trademark, copyright searches.Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia 3star.gif (1003 bytes).Technology Transfer: a Selected Reference List; Technology Transition Checklist (software)
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Search for patents, Rules & Regs.
US Patent &
Basic information on patent laws and rules, and (free, searchable) database of abstract and other information from front page of U.S. patents issued since 1976 to the last few weeks.
Patent Office.
Info and links to useful patent sites. List of European patent offices.
Foley & Lawdner

Formerly known as the Biotech Law Web ServerArticles on patent law as it relates to obtaining protection for biotechnology inventions under U.S. patent law.  Patent Costs.(Foley and Lardner.)

IBM Patent
(free, searchable) database of U.S. patent abstracts and claims from patents issued since 1971, and images of recently issued patents. Copies can be ordered for a fee.
MicroPatent (free) full-text U.S. patents issued within the last four weeks. Access (fee based) to full-text of U.S. patents from 1974 to present, some international patents.
U.S. Patent
(free, searchable) complete text of U.S. Patent Act, Cornell Law School.

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InventNET Pending patent legislation and inventor resources, including a directory of U.S. patent attorneys.


Full text Ag Biotechnology Patents: (1994,1995), titles for 1996.
TESCO ($) - TESCO will monitor Japanese patents and notify you of those related to your area of interest.


Source Translation & Optimization's (STO) Internet Patent Search System- perform searches on patents around the world, and access information on the patenting process.
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Starting templates for legal documents- MTA, NDA, License agreements.
Forms & Samples Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA), Other MTA; Copyright - US Copyright Office; Trademarks - USPTO., License Agreements, Nondisclosure; Sponsored research; Invention Disclosure. Contract Clauses.   See also misc.
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Rules & Regs, places to search for trademark use.

US Patent & Trademark Office -Basic information on trademark laws and rules

Search trademarks on line for $5!  Great way to do a fast, first pass trademark search on a hot new product name.

Trademark Materials--provides brief overview of U.S. trademark law, and links to U.S. trademark statutes and rules

Law Journal
Trademarks Page Articles about recent developments in U.S. trademark law.
Search for Trademark use online Tools for discovering other users of trademarks and/or service marks: Visit Webtaxi's business database page to search yellow page listings for your trademarks; Big Book Yellow Pages -Directory of U.S. businesses (searchable); 
Name use Search Public Information, click on "other searches", Name Availability to uncover if and where a business name is in use.  (fee based)

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Rules and Regs, submission forms.

US Copyright
Basic information about U.S. copyright law, excellent
document on Copyright Basics
U.S. Copyright
Text and explanations of principal provisions of the U.S.
Copyright Act. Cornell Law School.
10 Myths About- Excellent opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of copyrights and the Net.
Cyber Law
Articles and links to info about international intellectual property issues, primarily copyright issues, related to Internet use.
Legal Advisory Board on Intellectual Property Links to international copyright laws and information about pending intellectual property treaty provisions. European Intellectual Property Law (Foley and Lawdner)
Law Journal
Copyright Page Online edition of the Law Journal. Articles about recent developments in U.S. copyright law.
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check out Legal judgements against a company ($)

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MVC can perform researches on intellectual property issues (e.g. use of Trademarks, Patents).
but3.gif (1111 bytes) Promotions No sites have been found which cover legal issues of promotions. Please forward any links to MVC.
Misc. LegalDocs -develop legal documents for personal purposes on-line.  Year 2000 issues: Craig Fieschko of DeWitt, Ross & Stevens provides an overview of Legal issues for businesses in the BioTactics Newsletter.

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*Many of the intellectual property law links provided courtesy of K.King

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