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Search-It-All-; ; All-in-One find people page4star.gif (1087 bytes); Hotbot- Findpeople; WhoWhere- find people on the web; Postal Code Lookup.  See also: Infoseek Search on this page. NetLink Business pages search; Search for email address.
The Pharmaceutical Marketers Directory ($$, subscribe);License Exectutive Society, Association for Unversity Technology Managers
Find Biologist-HumMolGen- genetics white pages; Harvard's virtual library search; BIO's Research Institutions -list; BioOnline- list of research and academic sites on line; List of Colleges and Universities on line.
The Nature Biotech Directory and Buyers' Guide Online, a global information resource listing over 9,000 organizations, product and service providers in the biotechnology industry. ;Company Website Locator; Hotbot- find business. IndustryNet- business to business networking; BigBook- 18 M companies; Sherrod Research- Chemical- Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies on the Web. MedMarket Medical Manufacturer's Index.  Company directories: Biolinks, Companies in Agbiotech; SciWeb.Corptech database of 45,000 companies, products and services.  
U.S. Biotechnology Centers; Biotechnology Industry Organization; BIO's links to industry orgs.; Virtual Library list of Biology related Orgs.; Medical Associations;  BioLinks- societies; Licensing Executives Society- LES- US & Canada, LES-Europe, LES-GB & Ireland, LES International.
Marketing Associations; Medical Marketing Association; BioMedical Mkting Asso.

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Find Products Corptech Database. Also see the Planning Page.
Association of University Technology Managers 4star.gif (1087 bytes) - Available technology list (University, Organizations, Govt.); Lists of Organizations or Government Agencies involved in tech transfer. List of University Transfer Offices; National Technology Transfer Center- 4star.gif (1087 bytes)extensive lists of links to govt., corporate, international tech transfer sites. Free and $.  Fed BioTech Transfer Directory; Biofind- searchable database of "innovations. Technology exchange - sign up to have info on technologies of interest sent to you electronically.
who is
Recap-Biotech Alliance Database -database of more than 3,500 research alliances between drug companies, biotech companies, and/or universities. BioSignal's Biopartnering Singles Bar; List of Technologies wanted. ClinMark- databases to find clinical research partner, CRO's, Venture capital.
MCI Blue Pages-International; MCI Blue Pages-Federal ; MCI Blue Pages-State ;SECIRS; USPTO; USDA; CDC; EPA; FDA; Census Bureau; U.S. Department of Commerce; Bureau of Labor statistics; Citylink FedWorld - Fed sites online.; Federal Web Locator 4star.gif (1087 bytes); Bioline- govt. agency list.
Get project
Celebrus Consulting Group, Med Marketing and Media: Yellow pages.
BioLine's list of upcoming meetings, sorted by month; Biotech Meetings; Bionetwork- (calendar in progress); Meetings in Bioscience and Medicine; The WWW Virtual Library- Biological Sciences technology Conferences.  BioFind's Searchable database of biotech events

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Find Capital See funding sources, submit your technology to BioFind
Biotech Rumor Mill; Biotech Stock Chat Rooms: Silicon Investor  - Biotech Stocks; Medical Stocks; BioTactics- Discussion Group
EmailChange Register you email address change.

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