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Planning Resources- Online Reference Materials
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Market Research

Market Research Reference Page
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List of online references and links:

Libraries Medical; MedMatrix; Med-library; Harvard Virtual Library- Biosciences; Virtual Library-Science and Technology; Internet Public Library; National Library of Medicine; Virtual Library ($); Cato Research- Biotech Virtual Library; National Agricultural Library (NAL). See also Library databases.
Misc. Reference: My Reference Desk5star.gif (1142 bytes) - excellent set of links to many great internet references.  iTools 5star.gif (1142 bytes)- handy find and search pages for the internet. Search-It-All- 5star.gif (1142 bytes) excellent list linking on line resources- Webster's, Roget's, Encarta, quotations. The Merck Manual 4star.gif (1087 bytes), The RxList -searchable cross-index of more than 4000 drugs.  Webliograpy: A (great marketing) guide to internet resources. National Center for Biotech Information; MedNet (medical dictionary); Science & Biotechnology- Searchable dictionary of terms associated largely with genetics and biochemistry - includes many illustrations; Principles of Biotechnology -Straightforward guide to biotechnology, its principles, uses, and products. Includes a glossary of terms. See also databases.
Databases BioTactics List of online databases with descriptions.
Searches Yahoo search- Biotechnology, Search the Web. iTools 5star.gif (1142 bytes)- handy search pages for the internet.
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Medical References Healthcare Management and Information links; Virtual Medical Center 5star.gif (1142 bytes)- extensive list of links to medical related sites, databases, and information.
Biotech Documents BioNetwork- Click "Library" to find the USOTA Report On Biotech and Ernst & Young Annual Biotech Reports online.
Other References see also BioTactics Networking and News.

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Marketing Institute of Mgmt. Admin- Sales and Marketing links.

On line Calculators

Ratio Analysis; Entrepreneurial Edge Online - extensive list of business calculators 4star.gif (1087 bytes)- cash flow, budget, balance sheet, etc. Also includes Author Anderson calculators for assessing business strength and performance. Royalty rate estimator- for estimating technology royalties.

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