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  • There are many references in BioTactics to other interesting sites. If you wish to return to BioTactics after viewing other sites, hit your back key, or type http:\\www.biotactics.com in your browser address line.
  • Cookies- small pieces of data sent to your computer by the website you are visiting.  Cookies help the host track whether you have visited the site previously, what type of information you have reviewed, what type of items you have selected for you "shopping cart" if you are purchasing items from the site. At the moment, BioTactics is a "cookie free" site.
  • $, Referenced web sites that cost money have a $ next to the hyperlink. Sites with $F have free services or trial periods before costs accumulate.
  • BOTW (Best of the Web) - highest honor awarded to sites that add significant value- information, ease of use.
  • V.good. (Very Good) - sites that provide good value.
Links BioTactics maintains several hundred links to sites on the internet.  These links are tested regularly using a search bot to check the hyperlink status.   During these searches we have noticed that in many cases, the link is valid; however, the server may be busy.    Please attempt to access a link several times if your browser returns an error message, in case the server is slow or down or the site you are trying to access is off-line. Because sites change regularly we welcome any comments you may have on links you believe to be broken.

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