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Tips &
BioTactics Newsletter Article: Travel on the Net
The best travel survival tips: Search it All's Travel Planner-5star.gif (1142 bytes)- excellent interactive page for getting maps, directions, weather, flights. United Traveler page 4star.gif (1087 bytes)has handy links to pages for planning your trip, at the airport, and once you arrive. Travel Secrets, Currency Cheat Sheet for Travelers, Air Travel tips
World Clock
(Internet Explorer
3.0+ & Netscape
Real time Java Clocks for selected cities around the world, time Look-ups by city, and time/date associated References. (The Java clock takes time to load [about 1 min. on a 28.8 modem]... but worth the wait if you're planning travel or a conference call!).  Browser information.
World Clock
(other Browsers)
Clocks for cities in US for older versions of Netscape and I.E., time look-ups for other cities around the world, and time/date associated references. (References the Navy Observatory clock, so the page takes time to load.)
US Passport info 5star.gif (1142 bytes), Consulate Websites Worldwide, U.S. Embassy, learn Japanese Online, Travlang- learn basics of languages online 5star.gif (1142 bytes), U.S. State Department Travel Advisories, Find out about a country: CIA World Factbook, Travel Health Consultation Site; Centers for Disease Control: The "Bluesheet" - Weekly Summary of Health Information for International Travel. Other references: BioTactics International Page

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Airlines Airline Directory. Flight Delays, Airport Delays-Map. Airport Search 4star.gif (1087 bytes)-facts about land transportation, parking, terminal maps and locations, hotels, rental cars at 9000 airports. For example, check out the nice reference page for Chicago Ohare; American. Continental, Delta, United, Airlines of the Web.

lightning.  Select to go to weather link.
Weather Channel -Weather Com 5star.gif (1142 bytes). Four day forecast for selected city as well as airport conditions. Study regional weather maps, US weather map, have daily weather announcement sent to you. Customize your weather page.
Tell me
about my
tell me about my destination airport - search for info on 9000 airports/ city - Infospace city search (US & Canada) / state - Infospace (US and Canada) / Country -  CIA country factbook, Infospace My Town; Travelocity destination guide.
Money Currency Conversion Calculator, Currency Cheat Sheet for Travelers, ATM locator
Maps Infoseek- Maps and/or directions, transit schedules, zip codes. Note: Directions are not always completely accurate, but useful. Also try-Map it and Maps on Us.

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Dining MyTown- Dining-Get a list/search a database for restaurants in the city you'll be visiting. Look at menus in selected cities.
Events Citysearch -Find out what's happening in the city you'll be visiting.
Hotels 10000 hotels on line, compare rates.


WWW Speedtrap Registry- exactly what it sounds like..., BreezeNet- find the best rental car deals
Travelocity- Compare prices, book airlines and cars online. Microsoft's Expedia, Expedia Resources. Don't forget to pick your seat from the plane layout map provided. These sites can be mighty slow...
Vacation Fare Tracker- tell them where you want to go, they'll email you with travel deals notices.

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